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Back Pain Exercises
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Back pain exercises can be helpful for many back pain sufferers. In many cases, exercises often reduce the pain that affects many muscles throughout the back, particularly in the lower back. In addition to specific treatment methods that can help to relieve pain associated with specific ailments and conditions, back pain exercises can be useful in reducing discomfort of painful or overworked muscles.

In many cases, doing traditional exercises such as swimming can also help to relieve pain. The reason for this is that they cause the muscles in the back to flex and become stronger. In addition, when other muscles are tight, such as muscles through the leg or hamstring, they can also have an affect on the back and causes lower back pain. Doing many of these and other back pain exercises helps to condition the muscles and make them much stronger and more flexible which is a way to relieve back pain and keep it from returning.

In addition to many of these back pain exercises, your physician may also recommend other ways to treat and prevent pain, such as sitting and lifting objects correctly. In some cases, a physical therapist may also be recommended to ensure that these and other exercises are applied correctly and are used to address the specific type of pain and location that is troubling you.

Back Pain Exercise 1 Wall slide
This back pain exercise will help to strengthen the hips and legs as well as the back.

Place your back against a wall with your feet placed about twelve inches out from the wall and slightly apart from each other. Slowly slide your back down the wall until you reach a crouching position with your legs bent at a ninety degree angle. Hold this position for about five seconds and then repeat.

Back Pain Exercise 2 Face down leg raises

Lie down on your stomach while keeping your arms at your sides. Raise one leg while making sure to keep it straight, tightening the muscles throughout the leg. Hold this position for about 10 seconds before slowly lowering it and repeating the same thing with the other leg. Repeat this process with each leg.

Back Pain Exercise 3 Leg rises while lying on your back

Lie down on your back. While keeping your arms at your sides, raise one leg off the ground while keeping it straight and keeping muscles tight. Hold the leg in that position for about 10 seconds. This can also be done while the knee on the other leg is slightly bent which will makes this a bit easier. Repeat with each leg five times.

Back Pain Exercise 4 Back leg exercise with chair

Place your hands on the back of a chair while standing. Slowly raise one leg back while keeping the other knee straight. Hold this position for about five seconds. Next, repeat this with the other leg.

Back Pain Exercise 5 Knee tuck
This back pain exercise is helpful in reducing stress on your on your back.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and making sure to keep your feet flat on the floor. While keeping the knees bent, raise your legs. Grab onto the legs to help pull your knees as close to your chest as possible. Make sure you do not raise your head while doing the lifts. Also, keep the knees bent when lowering them again.

Back Pain Exercise 6 Opposite arm/leg stretch

Begin this exercise by being on all fours. Lift one arm straight forward while also extending the leg on the opposite side of your body out behind you. Hold the arm and leg parallel in this position for about five seconds. Next, repeat this with the other arm and leg. Return to the all fours position and repeat for about 10 times.

Whenever you exercise, make sure to do exercises properly. By exercising too hard or for too long you can sometimes cause or increase back pain. Ease into a workout routine and try to avoid over-doing it. Also, before any exercise routine, make sure to warm up. Stretching allows the muscles to become more flexible. When exercising on un-stretched or tight muscles there is a greater risk of strain or injury.
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