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Back pain treatment can vary depending on the type of pain. Back pain can often develop suddenly or slowly over time. In many cases, back pain can be effectively treated through relatively conservative treatment methods. Without immediate treatment, conditions may become more serious. If pain persists after trying a specific form of back pain treatment, other treatment options should be considered.

Initially, back pain treatment can include the use of nonprescription medications. Ibuprofen is an over the counter medication that can relieve some discomfort from relatively simple lower back pain. Sometimes, ibuprofen can result in negative side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding as well as other risks. Acetaminophen such as Tylenol can also be a helpful short relief treatment method for back pain. Topical creams are also available at many drug stores that pain relief, however their effectiveness is questionable. In addition, ice pack and heating pads are also a nonprescription back pain treatment method that can help ease temporary discomfort.

Rest is also an important back pain treatment method. It is important to refrain from any activities that may have caused injury to the back. However, too much rest can result in making the back weak which can cause it to become fatigued easily. Ideally, the back should not receive unnecessary stress from excessive lifting or exercise, but too much bed rest can actually increase recovery time.

Muscle relaxants are also widely used for the treatment of back pain for a number of reasons. Muscle relaxing medication most often can be helpful in reducing muscle spasms however they also can result in drowsiness. Muscle relaxants are a type of medication that can ease the tension of muscles in the back. In addition to muscle spasms they can also help with strains and sprains in the back. Itís crucial that muscle relaxants be taken as specifically advised by a doctor. Most often this type of treatment is helpful for specific injuries. There are many side effects that patient should be aware of. Drowsiness, dizziness, and lightheadedness are just some of the possible side effects.

A popular form of back pain treatment is physical therapy. Many back pain sufferers get help through physical therapy because of their ability to return the back to a healthy, normal condition. Physical therapy can guide pain sufferers through different exercises and methods that are designed to strengthen the structures of the back and increase flexibility. It also teaches patients how to deal with their own pain and to learn how to minimize pain throughout their lives. With physical therapy, the therapist can design a routine or set of activities that are specifically designed for an individualís needs. Often, this type of back pain treatment is more successful for those who have chronic back pain.

Steroid injections to relieve back pain are not a new form of treatment for low back pain. Originally, they were used to treat pain associated with sciatica. More recently, they have become a more common tool for non-surgical pain relief. Typically, this method is used to treat chronic back pain for up to a year. In some cases, an epidural can be particularly helpful for severe episodes of pain. This can also be helpful when used in combination with a rehabilitation program. This method works by injecting steroids directly into a painful area in the back to reduce inflammation which can significantly decrease pain. In addition, saline or lidocaine is also used in this procedure to flush out inflammatory proteins that may be causing pain. The epidural space that is injected is located in the vertebrae just outside of the dural sac that surrounds the nerve roots. If an epidural in not effective in treating pain, additional epidural will not be effective and will require other forms of treatment.

Seeking chiropractic treatment is another way to ease back pain. Since structural misalignment in the spine can significantly affect the nervous system, chiropractic manipulations can help restructure the integrity of the spine, helping to relieve pain and improve the overall health of the back. This type of back pain treatment does not use drugs or surgery, but only relies on spinal manipulations to restore back health. Many back pain sufferers have benefited from chiropractic manipulations. On occasion, a chiropractor may advise other treatment if manipulations prove to be unsuccessful.

A less common back pain treatment method is acupressure. Acupuncture is one of the oldest known forms of treatment and has been known to help with many other conditions besides back pain. This treatment involves a thin needle that is placed on specific areas of the back. The areas that the needle is inserted into are called meridians which are areas that deal with the circulation of the bodyís energy. The effectiveness of acupuncture has no definitive results however it has been successful for many patients.

Additionally, in rare cases back pain treatment may include surgery. Surgery is the most serious type of treatment, and is usually only considered after other, more conservative treatment methods have failed. Most often, this type of back pain treatment is used to relieve the discomfort of herniated discs. When this occurs, a portion of the herniated disc is removed through a discectomy or partial discectomy. This procedure is intended to remove pressure off the nerves in the spinal column as a result of the herniated disc. Surgery on the back usually requires a rehabilitation period. Like with all surgical procedures it is essential that you discuss all your options and the risks with your doctor.

Back pain treatment methods are as varied as the number of conditions that cause the pain. In most cases, only conservative treatment is necessary, however this is true as long as treatment is sought early. At the earlier signs of symptoms, you should visit your doctor and consider the treatment options available for your back pain.
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