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Right Lower Back Pain
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Right lower back pain is among the most common types of back pain. Right lower back pain is among the highest causes of missed work days among adults. The problem is obviously significant and can cause great discomfort when moving and trying to do normal, everyday activities.

There are many different factors that can contribute to right lower back pain. One cause of back pain is strained muscles that result from being overworked. Often, people must stretch before exercising and ease into a workout routine in order to prevent muscles from becoming strained, which can be very painful and even make it difficult to move.

In addition to muscle strain, right lower back pain can result from other conditions as well. Obesity is one common cause of pain in the lower back since a sudden increase in weight will cause the center of gravity to change, therefore placing additional weight on the lower back. Also, the process of aging might also have a negative influence on the back. Wear and tear with age causes the discs of cartilage between the vertebrae to become worn and causes the cartilage to degenerate.

A herniated disc can also be a painful and serious condition that occurs when a disc of cartilage between the vertebrae becomes herniated and spills into the spinal column. This can cause pain and difficultly moving. If the nerve becomes pinched it can also cause more painful symptoms.

Osteoporosis is also an ailment that is responsible serious pain in the lower back. Osteoporosis can cause the bones in the back to lose their density, putting you a greater risk for developing fractures. With this condition, even lifting everyday objects can lead to a fracture in the right lower back.

Since most cases of right lower back pain result from poor posture or improper lifting or exercise, muscle strains are among the most common back ailments. This type of back pain is treated with relatively simple means. First, it's important to stop any activity that could put unnecessary weight or strain on the lower back. That includes exercise and lifting heavy objects. Also, applying ice followed by heat on the sore area will help to reduce pain, and also help to loosen any sore muscles that could be too tight. Anti-inflammatory medication is also useful in treating pain. Seeing a physical therapist will also help in learning exercises and stretches that can be used to ease back pain, while also stretching the back to keep pain from returning.

If conservative methods do not help right lower back pain within several weeks, other methods might be needed. It is important to see a doctor at this point to determine what specific ailment is causing the pain. In the cases where there is serious damage done to tissue or bone, surgery may be needed to repair it.

Prevention is also important to minimize pain or potential recurring right lower back pain. As already mention exercise is important and it will keep muscles strong and flexible. Itís also necessary to lift objects with your legs and maintain good posture at all times. Also, avoid smoking and maintain the correct body weight to ensure the best health and to prevent chances of further back pain.
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