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Middle Back Pain Exercises

Middle back pain exercises can be used to reduce symptoms of middle back pain. In addition, middle back pain exercises can also be used to reduce the chances of reoccurrences of middle back pain. This area of the back can become injured by a number of factors. A single trauma to the back may often cause pain in the region. Additionally, posture can often play a large role in the development of pain in the middle back.

Exercise can be helpful for middle back pain for mainly two reasons. To begin with, exercises help to add strength to the muscles and structures of the back. With added strength, the back can generally endure more strain and pressure, thereby resisting injury. In addition, exercise can also help to add flexibility to the structures of the middle back. Added flexibility will also help to reduce current back strain and help to prevent further instances of middle back pain.

There are some traditional exercises available that can help pain in the middle back. Swimming, for example, is an excellent exercise that can increase strength and flexibility in the back, while not placing too much strain on the area. Additionally, exercises that are simple and do not generally focus on the back, such as walking or bicycle riding are also helpful for back pain because they help to get large muscle groups throughout the body in shape, which also aids in a healthy back.

With regular exercise, middle back pain can be greatly diminished. Taking as little as 20 minutes a day a few times a week can help. Also maintaining good posture is also one of the most important steps in achieving a healthy back.

When suffering from middle back pain, itís also important to avoid exercising too much. Exercising for too long or increasing the level of difficulty too soon can add much strain to the back and can add or worsen symptoms of back pain. Remember to ease into any exercise routine gradually to avoid overdoing it. Also, remember to stretch before and after exercise. These relatively simple steps are often forgotten and can add to the risk of developing an injury.

Below are a few exercises that may help to relieve the discomfort of middle back pain.

Middle Back Pain Exercise #1:

Stand up straight. Next, take a broom handle or long stick and place behind your back just under the neck. Hold onto each end with each of your hands. Slowly, begin swinging to your right and then to your left. The motion helps to stretch and flex your torso and can therefore help relieve middle back pain discomfort.

Middle Back Pain Exercise #2:

Lay down flat your stomach. Place your arms straight along your sides and keep your palms facing upwards. Next, begin to slowly raise your head, neck, and back off the ground. Hold and slowly repeat several times.

Middle Back Pain Exercise #3:

Get onto the ground on all fours. Clasp your hands together and keep your elbows on the ground at ninety degree angles. Now, slowly bring your head down as you raise and arch your back upwards. Hold for several seconds and then lower your back down. Slowly repeat this motion about 10 times.

Middle Back Pain Exercise #4:

Sit on a stool or surface that does not have a backing. Place your arms behind your back and clasp your hands together. Next, stretch your head and arms behind you, clenching your middle back. You should feel your chest stretch and expand. Hold for several seconds before releasing and repeating this exercise several times.
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