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Upper Back Pain Exercises

Upper back pain exercises can significantly reduce the discomfort of back pain ailments and help to prevent further episodes of upper back pain. In most cases, muscle strain accounts for the most instances of upper back pain. In such instances, upper back pain exercises can be a large tool to reduce discomfort and reduce pain.

Doing exercises for cases of upper back pain can help for a number of reasons. First, exercising the upper back, particularly before and after exercise or physical activity, can loosen muscle tissue and reduce tension which greatly helps to prevent strains and tissue damage. Additionally, upper back pain exercises can strengthen the upper back while also increasing flexibility. This is important because with greater strength and flexibility, not only can current episodes of pain be reduced, but it also helps to prevent further bouts of back pain injuries.

There are some traditional exercises that can be utilized to help minimize upper back pain. Swimming is one of the best exercises to do since it can greatly strengthen each of the muscle regions of the upper back while not adding too much stress on the area. Additionally, many traditional exercises can provide a general aerobic work out that can help large areas of the entire body which is also helpful for producing a healthy back.

Your physician or physical therapist may also recommend specific upper back pain exercises. With each exercise the intended goal is usually the same; to increase strength and flexibility. Additionally, there may be other ways to maintaining upper back health. Such ways may include changing your posture. With proper sitting and standing techniques, the weight and position of the upper back may be altered to improve weight distribution, function, and to minimize strain of the muscles and structures of the upper back.

In some cases, exercise can be the origin of upper back pain. Many athletes often neglect to properly warm up and cool down through proper stretching before and after exercise. As a result, tension in the upper back during physical activity can add to the risk of causing injury.

Below is a selection of upper back pain exercises and stretches. Each exercise is intended to help relieve tension or discomfort in the upper back to maintain health. With repeated use, many of these exercises can significantly help to prevent further upper back pain over time.

Upper Back Pain Exercise #1:

Pectoralis Stretch Stand in a door way and place your hands on the door frame. Next, lean forward, letting the muscle in your chest stretch and tighten. Hold for 15 seconds and release. Repeat this exercise about 3 times.

Upper Back Pain Exercise #2:

Arm Slides Place your back up against a wall. Then place your arms along the wall with your palms facing outward. Slowly raise your arms up and down on the wall in order to stretch out the muscle throughout the upper back and arms. Repeat about 20 times.

Upper Back Pain Exercise #3:

Scapular Squeezes Hold your arms up on the side of your body with your elbows bent and your palms facing forward. Next, move your arms backwards as far as your can and hold. Repeat this exercise about 10 times.

Upper Back Pain Exercise #4:

Mid Trap Exercise Lie flat on the ground on your stomach. Place a pillow under your chest. Next, extend your arms out from your body straight at a ninety degree angle from your torso. Then, slowly raise your arms upwards while squeezing the shoulder blades. Lower your arms slowly and repeats about 10 times. You may also slowly add small amounts of weight to each hand.
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