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Left Upper Back Pain
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Left upper back pain is similar to right upper back pain. In most cases, back pain in this area involves the ligaments and the muscles which attach to the vertebrae, which are bones that make up the spinal column. Muscles and ligaments can often be over used or stretched abnormally, particularly during periods of exercise or other physical activity, which results in tears and/or inflammation.

Left upper back pain in most cases is characterized by aching pain in that specific, localized area. Pain can sometimes escalate to being severe and chronic. In addition to pain there might also be muscle spasms which usually occur in response to a muscle being overworked or strained. Pain can also be felt in this area when taking deep breaths, or when the area is touched. Movement of the shoulders and neck might also be limited due to severe pain.

Strained muscles and sprained ligaments are among the most common causes of left upper back pain. This usually occurs when excessive pressure, often from exercising too much, causes the tissue to stretch too much or excessively, causing them to become damaged or torn. When muscles and ligaments are not properly stretched out prior to physical activity, they can become too tight during exercise, resulting in tears in the tissue and pain and inflammation can often ensue.

In few instances, a single trauma to the area can cause painful conditions to develop, however most left upper back pain conditions develop over time. Most conditions affecting the left upper back result from age and overuse. In most situations conservative and simple methods of treatment are all that are required for relief from pain.

Treating left upper back pain can begin in several ways. If you see a physician, there is likely to be a medical history and an examination of the affected area of the back. If muscles were strained due to physical activity or exercise, anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended. In addition, it is also recommended that stretches be used to stretch the muscles before exercising which will help limit the chances that they will become overworked and strained. However, it's also important to refrain from any activity that may have caused the pain in the first place, at lease until the condition has properly been healed.

In some cases of left upper back pain, more serious conditions can be the cause, requiring more serious forms of treatment. In such cases, surgery may sometimes be considered, but it is most often used as a last resort for pain relief.
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